Updated: Oct 24, 2020

We are pleased to announce that, from 1st November 2020, we will be offering a new English for law programme: An Introduction to English Law and Legal Method (ELMM Programme).

The programme, which will be taught exclusively in English, has been designed to be an intensive and challenging, but highly enjoyable, introduction to English law and legal method. It is primarily aimed at:

· international lawyers;

· international law students (at both undergraduate and postgraduate level);

· those with a specific interest in learning about English law, the English legal system, and ‘legal method’.

The programme is also aimed at those who have no, or only basic, knowledge about English law and the English legal system. It is designed to equip you with a very solid foundation of understanding. It is an ideal stepping-stone if, for example, you are a law student and considering applying to study law in England.

The programme is also aimed at those whose level of general English is good intermediate and above (good B1 and above on the Common European Framework of Reference). We will give you a free 30 minute assessment before you enrol on the course, which also gives you the opportunity to discuss the programme with the tutor informally.

The programme, which involves about 70 hours of overall teaching time, contains both a ‘lecture’ format (around 40 hours) and tutorials (around 30 hours).

The programme content will be quite wide and varied. However, during the course, you will study and develop your understanding of the following areas of English law and legal method:

  • The English Legal System

  • The Legal Profession in England & Wales

  • Judicial Precedent and the Interpretation of Statutes

  • Common Law & Equity

  • How to 'Read' English Cases

  • Constitutional & Administrative Law

  • Contract Law

  • Business Law

  • Employment Law

  • Tort Law

  • Trust Law

  • Land Law

  • Evidence

  • Criminal Law, Practice & Procedure

  • Civil Procedure

During the programme, you will be expected to write two essays (the content and length to be decided after discussion with your tutor). You will receive a ‘mid-term’ progress assessment and, when you have completed the programme, a final report.

If you want any further information about the programme, or wish to discuss it, please contact us via our website or by emailing us at . We will be very happy to discuss it with you.

We look forward to welcoming you onto the programme soon.

Cambridge Legal English Academy

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