New Season: Corporate Law, Commercial Law, and Civil Litigation & Evidence

In the coming ‘season’, I am going to focus on several areas which - I hope - will prove useful to a wide range of students of English law, particularly if English is not your first language. The material will have a practical focus. Therefore, if you have an interest in any of the following areas, I hope you will not be disappointed with the content:

· Corporate law, including mergers and acquisitions and financing

· Commercial law, including commercial contracts

· Civil Litigation and Evidence

Corporate Law

The material in this topic area will primarily be focused on non-contentious areas, such as mergers and acquisitions. It will include exploring topics such as share and asset purchase agreements, non-disclosure agreements, service agreements, shareholder agreements, directors’ duties, and so on.

Commercial Law

The site already contains a substantial amount of material related to commercial law topics, including particular kinds of commercial contract clauses. I will continue to develop, and add to, this body of material. Again, the material will have a very practical focus.

Civil Litigation and Evidence

This topic will be based on, and follow, the English Bar Training syllabus and curriculum. It is aimed to offer a solid, foundational introduction, in particular, to civil litigation. Given that many international corporate and commercial contracts are governed by English law, and under English jurisdiction, a sound knowledge of this topic area is becoming increasingly essential to overseas lawyers. It will include, of course, related areas, such as dispute resolution (arbitration, mediation, etc).

I will include in the posts, as appropriate, a limited number of practical exercises to help check understanding of the material in the post. Answers to the exercises will be provided, on request, by email, if you are signed up to the site. Further practice material in relation to the content of the posts will be available, again on request, if you are signed up to the site.

There will continue to be posts on other areas of legal interest, but the primary focus for this new season will be the ones set out above.

I really hope you find the upcoming material useful.

October 2021

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