What students say:

JOSEPHINE DIERYCK - Lawyer, Lille, France

 "I'm a French lawyer. I can just say that now I'm not afraid to work on an English contract. I really know a lot of very important things to conclude now a valid contract in English (the offer, the acceptance, the consideration....). I know now a lot of things about the way to write the contract, many things about the common law system, the way how the judges will take their decisions. I want to recommend these very precious courses to everyone!!"

PAULINA ROLLA - Law Student, Poland (Improving Your Legal Writing Skills)

"Workshop was very useful for me. I realised how many mistakes I did in my

written assignments. I hope the directions help me in future.

I must say that in the beginning I was afraid I can have problems with

language but probably I understood everything. I hope to be able to participate in other workshops.

Do what you do because it is an amazing opportunity to students who want

to develop their skills and broaden their horizons."

CLAUDIO D'ALONZO - Lawyer, Italy (Introduction to Commercial Contracts) 

"The workshop was very useful, as I had the chance of refreshing my memory and of learning something new. The workshop itself was perfect; as a matter of fact, the topic was covered clearly and with slides which helped the audience to follow the discussion. As for the language, everything was clear. I believe they might last a little more. Around 90 minutes would be ideal."

MAELYS GEFFROY - Law Student, France (Introduction to Commercial Contracts)

"I found the workshop very useful. I've learned much about English contracts, a subject very important for the career I'm aiming for. I found it very interesting to compare English and European contract law through a concrete case.  

I also found it really useful in a way that I was able to discuss with people from different countries, what makes the discussion even more attractive.

I found the workshop just right. I'm not a perfect English speaker, so before it started I wasn't much confident, but actually it was quite easy to participate in such a great atmosphere. You can make mistakes and you won't be feeling bad at all. This makes it much easier to speak up. 

I would love to take part in a web workshop on Artificial intelligence, or concerning  intellectual property rights in the UK."

[There will be Web Workshops on both these topics in February and March 2021]

IZABELA IZEWSKA - Law Student, Poland (Introduction to Commercial Contracts)

"The workshop was very useful for me.  I had the opportunity to learn a lot of interesting information about legal English.  I also did not realize that in the common law system lawyer has to take serious care to include clauses in contracts. The level of the workshop was perfect for me, I understood what we talked about. It was a good idea to send materials before the workshop because I could repeat my vocabulary. I would like to thank very much the web forum leader for interesting activities and the welcoming atmosphere of the workshop."

GWENVAEL PORSMOGUER - Law Student, France (Introduction to Commercial Contracts)

"This workshop was very useful because of the fact that the subject is  related to my school formation as a law student specialized in French contract law. Moreover, it was very interesting to have the point of view of  a specialist. I found the workshop perfectly balanced and I had no difficulty to  understand even though I am not particularly fluent in  English."

LISA GERARD - Law Student, France (Coronavirus and Human Rights: Striking a balance)

"I think that it [the workshop] was very useful , what I preferred was that there is 3 nation represents , England , Poland and France and it was so interesting to talk about Coronavirus in this 3 countries. I was rather happy because I found this [the workshop] rather easy to understand and I was very comfortable talking."

ANNALINDA - Law Student, Italy (Introduction to Commercial Contracts)

"I found it useful as I had very little knowledge of commercial contracts, so  learning new legal terms and how to use them was useful.  I’m just grateful for the opportunity to speak in English for once as I’d have never had the chance to do it in my university, so thank you Mark for this workshop."



NATALIA Law Student - Poland (Coronavirus and Human Rights: Striking a Balance)

"I found this workshop useful, I have learnt a lot of new legal vocabulary. It was a great opportunity to look at important problems and practise language. The atmosphere was great and I think that participants weren’t stressed at all and that was amazing."

ANASTASIIA - Law Student, Poland (Commercial Awareness)

"During the workshop I deepened my knowledge of commercial awareness and learned about many other aspects related to this topic. The so called SWOT method of analysis turned out to be new to me, it was the first time I heard about it and I think that such knowledge is indispensable in my further professional career."